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Hi, see the friends here, hello, I am a single mother living in Minnesota, USA, my baby is two years old this year, his father suddenly disappeared when I was six months pregnant , I don't know where he went. My baby and I need to live, so I founded this store. We have a cat named Xiaozi. It is our family and we love it very much. So my store sells some pet related products.
The products in my store are carefully selected by me, and I think they can help you increase the relationship between you and your pet. In most cases, the products you buy are sent from my warehouse that belongs to the United States. If the warehouse in the United States is out of stock, I may need to contact a small partner I know in other countries to ship. Please believe me, I Not a liar. We will deliver the products you buy, and most of our products are free shipping.

Animals are another form of human beings.

They are human friends, dependent on people, loyal to people.

As a companion animal of our human beings, pets are a source of happiness and healthy life. Keeping pets can make people's lives healthier and more fulfilling. At the same time, they can relieve people's nervousness, lower blood pressure and blood lipids, and human heart.There are benefits; the study found that patients with heart disease and other chronic diseases, after raising pet dogs and cats, can significantly reduce clinical symptoms by regulating some of the psychological state of the person.

And keeping pets can develop your child’s sense of responsibility and love, as well as social skills.It plays a positive role when the child raises the dog.Moreover, dogs are widely used by psychologists to heal or help problem children or adults.Feeding a small dog will give the child a sense of responsibility and understanding and sympathy for the animal, which will often be transferred to the person, producing the same understanding and sympathy for the person, and the effect of care.

Nowadays,there are more and more families of pets,and having pets has a positive impact on people's physical and mental health.The relationship between humans and animals has been maintained for tens of thousands of years around the world, which clearly demonstrates the unbreakable relationship between humans and animals.

As a pet industry,we will accompany you and provide you with the best service.Let us work together for pets.You can count on us.

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